1. This Documentary is from a German national TV-Channel which german right wings call left-environmentalist controlled.

    2. In absolute numbers there’s more black slaves today than ever before and almost all of them are in muslim countries.

      Historically the majority of raped and abused black slaves have been in muslim countries.

    3. This is really inconsiderate you know, what is it racist to not that Blacks enslaved whites for sometime and Muslims enslaved Africans as well. What does that dismantle your race card?

  1. Oh yes, it is easy to ignore historical facts such as hundreds of millions of dead Africans if you can pin it on Right wing propaganda!
    Or perhaps the reason is that you have been fed other type of propaganda your whole life, and you don’t want to come to terms with it?

  2. Not only was it brutal and relentless, it was happening from the 14th to 18th century in Europe.
    The Barbary Pirates, so-called because they largely hailed from the “Barbary Coast”, stretching from Algeria/Tunisia to the Western coast, south of Morocco. Barbary was a reference to the Berbers, an ethnic tribe that controlled North Africa from Egypt round to the north-west coast of Africa.
    Their main targets were Mediterranean shipping and they regularly raided settlements on the Mediterranean coast where they took prisoners, preferably young ones and women, who were then sold on into the slave trade from North Africa round and down to Niger. They even raided the West coast of Spain and France and made a number of raids on the south-west coast of England and Ireland. It wasn’t until early 19th century when European naval forces combined with US Navy and politicians to finally end it. Slavery continues in Africa and the Middle East today and Islam specifically okays it.
    Many people may not realise that some coastal tribes were profitably involved, going on expeditions inland, often using the rivers, to seize the members of other tribes for sale to the Europeans in the coastal seaports. Of those seaports, Lagos was one of the most profitable for the coastal tribes.

    Today, it’s quite easy to blame white people for it and a lot of antiwhite racism results. As ever, the truth is not what we always thought.

  3. cheap propaganda tactics to shift the blame away. doesn’t have anything to do with realities and history and doesn’t even deserve rebuttal. if you still believe muslims did 9/11 you can also “prefer to” believe this.
    a propos, zdf is a state tv in germany. it is almost a semi-official propaganda machine of the german state and never objective. people living in germany know this fact well.

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